Top 16 Easy and Effective Tips to Increase Alexa Ranking

Wondering why are we writing such article here on a serious news opinion and analysis website. Our motive of being here as described on our About us page is: "To make people aware of the important events happening in the world which have a global or vast impact around a region through to the point and unbiased approach, which is friendly to all communities, nations and groups."

And the power of Alexa and Alexa tool helps spread the awareness deep successfully. As it ranks your website in a unique manner which helps your site gain reputation.

First of all What is Alexa?

Alexa is a tool, not new though, it installs on your browser and displays the rank of each website in the earch results or on the browser if you are on that website. Unlike Google Page rank which ranks your particular pages separately, Alexa ranks your overall website through the number of visits made by those people who have Alexa tool already installed. Lower the ranking, the higher is the website reputation and the better it is.

Yes it is understandable that counting only those people as visitors who have Alexa tool installed is biasing, but this system has become so popular now that it can not be challenged. Many advertisers or advertising networks now calculate the amount to be paid to you for an advertisement considering your Alexa rank as a major parameter. So if you are a webmaster or owner of a website, whether selling ads or not it is must that you install this tool on your website.

Why Alexa?

Now you will wonder why Alexa? As we said, Alexa ranking is a major parameter used by some advertisers to whether or not buy advertisement on your site. Not only this, Alexa toolbar shows you its ranks on google search as well, thus among million results Google and Alexa can help you choose the best among them taking into account Google page rank and Alexa rank.

And if your Website Alexa Rank is good, surfers like me will tend to click your link on google search result more.

So here are the 10 quick ways to boost your Alexa Rank.

1. Register your website on Alexa: As you start a website, Alexa doesn't know about it. So you must register your website on Alexa to get ranked. Sometimes Alexa will find your site by itself and start ranking. BUt registering the website is very recommended.

2. Download Alexa Tool Bar: Once you register your site on Alexa, you rank will be showed in millions because it is new. The lower is better, so to beign the first process of decreasing the Alexa rank is installing their toolbar on your own browser. Remember a visit from yourself to your site is also counted so install this small tool on your browser and see the difference within 3 months. You can download the toolbar here. Or try another extensions from Alexa here.

3. Install Alexa Redirect Plugin for WordPress. This plugin will edit all your internal blog links and will add before all hyperlinks so this will boost the Alexa ranking, because before content reaches destination, they are sent to Alexa to create awareness.

4. Visit to the Alexa website and claim your website to get maximum authority for your blog in Alexa.

5. Write an article about Alexa in your blog with a link to their site. It will surely boost your blog’s Alexa rank.

6. Get Dugg or Stumbled. This will bring a numbers of visitors to your blog and their visits will have a positive impact on your Alexa Rank.

7. Set your Blog as home page in your default web browser, which will help you to increase the number of visits in Alexa toolbar.

8. Get your blog / website listed in as many number of blog directories as possible. Which will bring you massive number of visitors to your blog.

9. Suggest your friends to Install this tool; Or you can simply give them the following link (

10. Write your own post encouraging your readers and other webmasters to use this powerful tool. The more of your readers have it, the better your website ranking will be.

11. Post in Asian Forums: This one is interesting, there are number of coders, programmers, techies, webmasters, in India, Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea many other east and south east Asian countries who are more likely to have this tool installed on their browser. If the follow your link and visit your website, your ranking will experience a boom.

12. Allow Easy Sharing: Add tools on your website which allows users to quickly share your post among various networks. I prefer Add this. There are many other such popular tools like Add to Any, or Tell a Friend.

13. Write Quality Content: Better the quality of content better your page will be shown in Google/Yahoo/Bing search results and more the chances that people who liked your post will link to you or share your article. Thus tremendous increase in traffic.

14. Get Reviewed: Ask your friends and genuine/loyal readers to review your website on Alexa if they can take out some time for it. You can write a review for us here

15. Post Comments: Post comments to other blogs on relevant posts and try to become friends with other authors, don't post comments like "this is cool visit this site: http://......", or "very nice post you may like to visit this http://..." because the webmaster of that blog might mark you as spam.

16. Guest blogging: Allow other to write post on your webpage and write posts on other blogs too. Write your best possible posts on other famous blogs, generally blogger allows you to post a link to your original website so that you receive credit and some traffic in the form of getting paid. By allowing other to write on your blog, you are increasing the content strength of your blog.

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