[Catatan Jerinx] - Stilettos, Rebellions & A Long Way To The Bar

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: JERINX

Stilettos, Rebellions & A Long Way To The Bar

These are the soundtrack of my life!

From my teenage age of chaos living on top of a record store in Kuta Rock City
till these days when I'm making love with the ghost of Seminyak,
these are my true friends thru the good times and the bad.
Some are underground, some are mainstream, I don't close my door for any music and anything stands behinds it.
Good music is good music and it helps me to become who I am today.

To my opinion, these are the tunes that rocked my world and shaped my life—and a bit of my belly, ha ha ha...
Could be the lyrics, the voices, the guitars or the moments.
There's something about these tunes that hold a lil' pieces of my past while carrying tons of hope and courage to face my world...

The Playlist:

1. Green Day - Minority
Actually I just saw them in Singapore last week and when they played this track, saya terlempar keras ke masa remaja yang penuh dengan semangat nihilisme. Mencoba drugs dan eyeliner untuk pertama kalinya dan percaya akan kekuatan minoritas. One thing I learn from GD is, that you still can be a rebel and an intelectual at the same time. GD are smart, they're the biggest punkrock band in the world namun tetap dihargai di skena underground coz, besides of their amazing live, they always have good points.

2. Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar
I'm not a big big metal fan but this one is special. Lagu yang aslinya a classic from Thin Lizzy ini dibawakan ulang dengan sempurna oleh Metallica. Aroma biker pekat terasa. A perfect song for a-chop-shop-whiskey-soaked-sunny-day moment. Greasy and muscular.

3. Bad Religion - Sorrow
Ada beberapa pertimbangan saya memilih single ini dari sekian banyak single BR. Lagu ini memiliki daya cengkeram emosional yang kuat, entah itu karena tampilan audio BR di album ini jauh di atas rata-rata album mereka yang sebelumnya atau karena tema dan struktur lagu yang menyentuh dan relevan dengan situasi dunia.

4. Pantera - Fucking Hostile
I don't give a fuck if Pantera goes in my list. This song reminds me of Bli Man and my old Twice Tape Shop Crew. Arak dan jam 12 siang seakan menjadi sinonim yang masuk akal kala itu dan apokalip singkat ini adalah soundtrack-nya. Word.

5. Pearl Jam - State of Love and Trust
Whoa! My first true love in music was Grunge and Eddie Vedder was my hero. Soundtrack dari film cult-klasik Singles ini menyimpan energi raw Pearl Jam namun tetap dengan lirik dan cara bernyanyi Eddie yang terasa sangat jujur dan heartfelt. Menyentuh.

6. Stone Temple Pilots - Unglued
This is when Scott Weiland's still a heavy junkie and STP was on top af their game. I was a big fan sampai sampai saya memaksa band saya saya saat itu untuk membawakan lagu STP (of course it didn't work out well). Memorable guitar riffs and elegant vocals is the strongest part of this track.

7. Helmet - Wilma's Rainbow
The snare drum! The snare drum! Gotta love the sounds of the snare drum! Coba dengar album perdana SID Case 15 (1997) and you will understand....

8. Mad Season - I Don't Know Anything
This is what you get when you have Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), Mike Mc.Cready (Pearl Jam) and two guys from Screaming Trees in one band: dark and fiendish.
Walau proyek ini lumayan sukses dan terdengar, tragisnya mereka cuma bisa merilis satu album setelah ditinggal mati dua personel. This haunting track is a perfect needle-and-spoon anthem from the most dangerous drug castle in Seattle.

9. Smashing Pumpkins - Bullets with Butterfly Wings
Anyone that's over 30 will have fond memories about this song's video. The mud riot was essential. It's brutal and elegant at the same time and Billy Corgan and co.was on fire! Saya jadi ingat ketika Channel V masih memiliki program Alternative Nation.
Oh that was sweet....

10. The Living End - Nothing Last Forever
I love The Living End since 1998 and why I choose this track even though it was out in 2006? It's simply coz this is a perfect track yang menandai transformasi TLE dari Rockabilly-Punk menjadi Arena Rock heroes. It takes a lot of guts to do those kind of transformation and I respect them for that coz they're doin' it pretty good. This song is a perfect good bye for the betrayed lover.

11. Scott Weiland - Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down
You've got to see the movie to love this song! In this Great Expectation's soundtrack, no matter how many he went to jail, Weiland and his waltzy ballad will still steal the hearts of your burlesque-girlfriends. Ouch!

12. Alkaline Trio - This Could Be Love
This could be love, love for fire! Matt Skiba is Marlon Brando from hell. A perfect Pop Punk song with dark and satanic twist. It's so good even your grandma will sing it along with you. Gotta love it while I bury your lover in the backyard of a...movie theater?

13. NOFX - Murder the Government
Oh my snotty heroes, what can I say more about this guys? Always political, always talk shit, always having fun and they've been together for almost 30 years with the same line up. I remember my hi-skool years, skateboarding and taking valium with this song. Auw!

14. Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds
If you wanna talk about a perfect song structure, this one is the vivid example. I just can't get enough with the backing vocals and the trumpets. I always love Elvis, even though he didn't write most of his songs, but he knows how to sing it like a badass. Comb your hair with the king now!

15. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
Lagu ini ditulis oleh Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes) and to me it's one of the best song ever. Christina sings it really well and I fell in love with the video. It's very self-empowering and it has a good message. Saya bisa membayangkan para drag queen yang sedang sibuk berhias untuk Mardi Gras memakai lagu ini sebagai soundtrack hidupnya. And to me, drag queens are way more Rock-n-Roll than a loud guitar!

16. Santana feat. Everlast - Put Your Lights On
It's time to chill with this exotic Voodoo sounds of Santana's guitar and Everlast voice. It's very calming but tough and dark in a way. If Al Capone still alive, he will use this track for his beach party: sunset, cocaine and baseball bat. Perfect.

17. Sublime - Wrong Way
One of my afternoon skate/surf song that will always have a special place in my heart. Back in the days when beers were cheap and street foods are legal in Kuta Rock City. This Califronian Ska-Punk-Bluesman knows how to mix sunny day energy with fun lovin' lyrics in a secret power of marijuana.
Watch the video here

18. Dropkick Murphys - Walk Away
Working class to the max, kaum buruh bersatu, hail hail PRD! Gagah, bersahaja, jantan dan Rock-n-Roll. DM adalah Guns 'n Roses bagi para kuli pelabuhan di Irlandia. Drink, fight, fuck dan mencintai teman minum sampai mati!

19. Rocket From The Crypt - Let's Get Busy
Ini dia para Elvis dari dunia punkrock. RFTC is one of those B-rated bands who will stay classic with small but super-loyal fans. Walaupun sudah bubar, mereka tetap pujaan hati. Genit namun tidak pretensius, sensitif namun punya sense of humor. Plus, they always got good style...

20. Mighty Mighty Bosstones - She Just Happened
What I love about this track is that even though MMB are a Ska-Punk band, here they put that African jungle beat in a stylish and sophisticated way. It's fresh and inspiring.

21. Rancid - Ruby Soho
Fuck yeah! This one goes to my old friends Jaler and Coben. We were driving my matt black Katana Jeep with whiskey under the seat and marijuana in the other hand. This is our big "fuck you" to the mainstream and Rancid always got our back.

22. Social Distortion - When the Angel Sings
Big hearted-lyrics about love and death with heavy weight attitudes from godfathers of Rock-n-roll Punk. SD is my religion since 1997 and this track saved my life a million times. From SD I've learn that positive attitude dan jiwa besar jauh lebih tajam daripada makian dan negativitas.

23. Johnny Cash feat. Fiona Apple - Bridge Over Troubled Water
This is that kind of song you wish you'd write. Originally from Simon and Garfunkel, Mr.Cash membawakannya dengan penuh rasa hormat. Ditambah backing dari Fiona Apple, nuansa magis pun terbangun dengan sempurna dan menghantui. Another well-produced and perfectly structured song.

24. AFI - The Celluloid Dream
Here's my other one-of-those-wild-nights anthem. AFI adalah band yang sukses bertransformasi dengan maskara dan eyeliner MAC-nya. Di sini, vokal Davey Havoc yang sensual seakan menjilat riff-riff cerdas Jade Puget yang berkejar-kejaran dalam pesta orgy b-movies termeriah tahun 2004.

25. Brian Setzer Orchestra feat. Gwen Stefani - You're the Boss
Sexy! Bayangkan seorang berandalan Rockabilly bersuara emas berduet dengan ratu Ska-Punk nan menggoda dari Orange County. What more could you ask? Lagu cinta untuk pasangan yang hobi berkencan di American diner dengan waitress-nya yang bersepatu roda. One vanilla milkshake with two straws please!

26. Royal Crown Revue - Streets On Fire
When I put on my suits and drove my hot rod cars, this track is a must. Lagu untuk penjahat tahun 50-an lengkap dengan tommy gun bersiap-siap untuk merampok bank dan membakar seisi kota sampai rata dengan tanah. Jahat! Namun adiktif...

27. The Reverend Horton Heat - It's Martini Time
Jangan sampai berpesta tanpa memutar yang satu ini. It's a light Psychobilly number that reminds me a lot about my early years of getting to know the Rocka/Psychobilly culture. Here's the story: 1998 I was listening to Social Distortion at the record shop I was working, a Canadian guy came up to me with a cassette on his hand, saying, "If you like Social D, you'll love this band." And that's how I know The Rev.

28. Against Me! feat.Tegan Quin - Borne of the FM Waves of the Heart
Like Green Day, here's another smart punks with enough guts and brain to work with the major-label in their own way. A beautiful political duet with Tegan from Tegan and Sara, this is a song that'll motivates and moves your heart to the right place. If you are sick with the average "fuck the police" type of Anarcho-Punk songs, then this is your cup of tea.

29. Mike Ness feat. Bruce Springsteen - Misery Loves Company
I love duet songs! It's like two people berdialog, and with the right song it'll instantly gives an extra point to the song. Imagine these two heroes of American working class music putting their voice on the same song. It's a timeless piece of work and I can see myself listening to this track with my kids in the future....in a '52 Chevrolet (hopefully with a enviro-friendly engine already).

30. Supersuckers - I Love the Drugs
Rock-n-Roll Punk at its purest, sleaziest and dirtiest fucking level. Lagu ini adalah salah satu antitesa untuk "Rock-n-Roll aman" yang bermodalkan skinny jeans dan virus anorexi-a-go-go nya. Rock-n-Roll should be dangerous again! We want more drugs, pussy and alcohol NOW!

31. Tiger Army - As the Cold Rain Falls
I don't like too many British music/bands but I have respect for Keith Richards and Morrissey. Knowing Tiger Army frontman Nick 13's flamboyant appearance, it didn't surprise me when TA did this heavily Morrissey-fueled track, complete with keyboards and a beat you can dance to. It's a beautiful, well-crafted song dengan daya tarik sensual yang sangat kuat. Betty Page will use this song in one of her photo session.

32. The Distillers - City of Angels
She's a punk. Her band was great until she divorced Tim Armstrong and she's getting all weird. Anyway, this is an anthem, a cynic appreciation for your city and it's murderous lifestyle. This song is dedicated for LA but it fits Kuta Rock City in some ways...

33. Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar
I hate superficial bling-bling Hip Hop rappers as much as Cypress Hills hate 'em. I always like CH but this track made me respect them more. The song says it all. Mereka mempunyai pola pikir yang hampir sama dengan idealisme Punk Rock namun dengan media musik yang berbeda.

34. Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why
The fact that Kid Rock menulis lagu ini di penjara setelah dia berkelahi dengan seseorang di bar sangatlah klasik. This song is pure, honest and real. Dan lewat lagu ini saya bisa merasakan energi sang berandalan yang ingin bertobat namun tetap ingin menjadi dirinya sendiri. Rasanya seperti sedang bercermin...

35. The Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectation
Here's a new great band I discovered few months ago. Bayangkan obsesi terhadap film-noir dan energi Bruce Springsteen, Social Distortion dan Against Me dicampur jadi satu, kemudian diberi sentuhan kota keras asal mereka, New Jersey. Mereka menyebutnya "Soul Punk" saya bilang "good music." You'll be hearing more about them in the near future...

36. The Dissland - Berandal Terkenal
Jagoan underground Bali ini selalu mempunyai konsep dan materi menarik. Sisi humor yang agak gelap dengan nada yang sangat catchy membuat mereka menjadi favorit semua orang, khususnya di dunia underground Bali. Lucunya, sang frontman Ardha Neraka selalu terlihat berusaha menutupi karakter aslinya yang memang berandalan. Ha ha ha...

Note from Dethu [the curator]: Jerinx is the drummer—a greatass drummer, mind ya—of Superman Is Dead. Punk Rock Prince Charming. The main brain of Devildice. The Boss of the longest-living underground Rock bar in Indonesia: Twice Bar. The owner of Twice Tattoo Parlour. Soon he'll open Twice Diner, too. Ah yes, I dig his songs lyrics, big time
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